Valentine's week started yesterday and many people around the globe celebrate it while many are against it. Ever wondered why valentine week is important?

Valentine's week despite it's critics serves as heartfelt reminder in our fast-paced lives that love deserves it's own dedicated time. In a world where our daily lives are filled with routine and commitments, this week gives us a grant to pause and appreciate the connections and bonding we share.

This week is all about emotional investment. It's not about expensive gifts or grand gestures rather it is an opportunity to express affection genuinely. Love, often unheard finds it's lost voice during this week.

The beauty of this week lies in diversity of expressions whether its a heartfelt letter, a simple gesture, the importance is to convey love.
Very importantly, celebrating love during this week is not exclusive to only relationships. It extends to family and friends too. Small acts of kindness, appreciation can act as the building blocks of stronger bonding.

I personally feel this week is a revolution against the society who are against love. This celebration is a declaration that "Love" in all forms deserves recognition and celebration.

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